You Asked, Facebook

Facebook had some survey going today. The only reason I take most online surveys is I expect that the last step will be some kind of optional “additional comments” in form of a text box. If not for this text box I’d probably take fewer surveys online.

Since I need to fill blog space while I develop it and create some CSS for block quotes, I decided to share my response:

I’ll be straight with you, I don’t love Facebook. I keep it around because it allows me to stay in touch with friends and family that I probably wouldn’t take the time to keep in touch with if Facebook did not exist. Also, it’s the only way I really have any idea what’s going on with my extended family at all these days.

With that said, is there any reason you can’t just keep my newsfeed set to “most recent”? The “top stories” setting is pointless. I check Facebook once or twice a day (or more if I’m trapped in the bathroom with my phone) and like to just see the new stuff. That’s it. I don’t need some sort of algorithm trying to figure out what I should be seeing.

It seems like that would only be useful for people who view Facebook periodically which I’m guessing is not most of the social media addicted crackheads that make up this slice of humanity (if you can even call us that anymore).

I doubt anyone at Facebook reads this but I like filling out that portion of surveys.