Well, That Was Quick

My love affair with Jekyll appears to have come to an abrupt end. While it was working acceptably, Liquid Templates are, for the most part, totally unbearable. I understand their purpose but for a single developer who is comfortable with Ruby it was just one more layer of abstraction. Writing tags for it is doable, but it’s often more complex than just putting a little bit of Ruby inline via ERB.

Jekyll works well. I’m not knocking it. I also know you can switch out the rendering engine, but my attempts were more work than they were worth. I probably would have stuck with it anyway except I discovered a similar project called nanoc which a number of people had mentioned in Jekyll-related conversations. It’s definitely more in the mold of what I was looking for.

In a nutshell, the way nanoc’s Rules file works is awesome. I built my own filter stacking system similar to what part of Rails asset pipeline does (e.g. I can name a file script.js.coffee.erb and it will be filtered through ERB and then Coffee Script). nanoc ended up appealing to the control freak in me, although I probably should have worked on non-mobile layout today. Oh well.